Welfare Measure

North Lakhimpur College has adopted various welfare measures for the benefit of its teaching and non-teaching staff members as well as the needy students. These measures are aimed at providing financial aid and residential facilities to staff members, as well as providing one-time financial assistance to needy students.

 North Lakhimpur College Cooperative Thrift Society: The college has a welfare fund called the "North Lakhimpur College Cooperative Thrift Society," which provides financial assistance to teaching and non-teaching staff members. All members contribute a monthly amount to this fund and can also obtain loans at a low rate of interest during emergencies.

Lump Sum Financial Aid: Teaching and non-teaching staff members can also request lump sum financial aid on credit from the college authority. This assistance is provided on a case-by-case basis.

Residential Quarters: The college provides residential quarter facilities to some of its teaching staff members within the campus on a cost-sharing basis. Additionally, some of the grade IV staff members are also provided with residential facilities by the college authority within the campus.

College Aid Fund: The college has recently introduced the "College Aid Fund," which provides one-time financial assistance to the needy teaching and non-teaching staff members as well as the needy students of the college. This fund is aimed at providing immediate financial assistance to those in need and helping them overcome financial hardships.

These welfare measures adopted by North Lakhimpur College demonstrate the college's commitment to the well-being of its staff members and students. By providing financial assistance and residential facilities, the college aims to create a supportive and inclusive environment that encourages the personal and professional growth of its members.