Womens Study Centre

Women’s Study Centre North Lakhimpur College has established a Women Study Centre with financial assistance from UGC. The primary mission of the centre at North Lakhimpur College can be defined basically as knowledge assimilation and knowledge transmission through teaching, research, field action and documentation. The centre takes a broader view of the women’s studies constituency by supporting women to pursue study in this region and facilitating them to network with constituents involved in similar work.


Committee: Women's Study Center

1) Dr.Biman Chandra Chetia,


2) Dr Kakoli Bhuyan


3) Dr Ishmi Rekha Handique,

Assistant Co-ordinator

4) Suprobha Medhi,


5) Rekha Phukan,


7) Dr.Binita Hazarika,


8) Moonlima Phukan,


9) Rupanjali Morang,


10) Dr.Swapnali Gogoi,



Activities :

  1. Talk on Legal Rights of Women delivered by MinakshiGohain Boruah on 29/08/2009
  2. Workshop on Self Help Group on 06/04/2010
  3. Hands on Training Programme on Food Processing and Preservation on 20/05/2010 to 22/05/2010
  4. Talk on Assamese Literature and Culture on 16/02/2012
  5. Observation of Girl Child Week on 22/01/2013

Publications : The centre publishes an annual research journal Women : The Power 
Future Plans : Work is on for publication of an anthology of essays on gender related issues. 
Programme(s) offered : 3-month Certificate Programme on Women's Studies (the course is open to all students enrolled in the B.A. / B.Sc. programmes of the college). The intake capacity is of 100 students as of now. Lectures are delivered by teachers of the college as well as guest teachers and experts on the field of study available in the vicinity of the college.