research profile


Research Profile of North Lakhimpur College (autonomous)



Departments in which Ph.D. Programsare going on
  •  Assamese
  • Botany
  • Education
  • English
  • Political Science

Total number of Faculties with Ph.D. Guideship




















  • Dr.Biman C. Chetia (Principal, NLC)
  •    Assamese Department = 4

          Dr. MowchumiChetia

          Dr. Arabinda Rajkhowa

          Dr. HemantaSarmah

          Dr. Dhiraj Patar

  • Political Science Department =2

          Dr. DigantaHatiboruah

          Dr. ChuchengfaGogoi

  • Botany Department = 3

          Dr. Chitta Ranjan Borah

          Dr. BuddhadevBasumatary

          Dr. DharitriBorgohain

  • English Department=2

          Dr. K.K. Bori

          Dr. Binda Sah

  •  Education Department=2

          Dr. Ishmi Rekha Handique

          Dr. Binod Chetia
Total number of students Registered/Degree Awarded for Ph.DProgramme


  • Degree Awarded =5

          Dr. Biman Ch. Chetia =4   

          Dr. Arabinda Rajkhowa=1

  • Total Registered =6

          Dr Arabinda Rajkhowa =4 (in NLC) +1 (DU)

          Dr. Dhiraj Patar             =1 (NLC)

Facilities Available for Research Work
  •  Central Instrumentation Center constructed under the FIST programme of DST that providesequipment and facilities to support research in various fields.
  •  Institutional Biotech Hub (Established with the financial assistance received from the Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt. of India under NER-BPMC.) that provides provide basic laboratory facilities with necessary equipment to carry on biotechnological research for the benefit of all the stakeholders and also to bring awareness in Biotechnology.
  • Adequate Computation Facility with free wi-fi accessibility for all researchers.
  •  Library: The college has a well-stocked library with a collection of books, journals, and research papers that are relevant to various fields of study.
  • Collaboration for research:North Lakhimpur College has  collaborations with various other colleges, universities, research       laboratories, and industries to facilitate research collaborations,      knowledge sharing, and resource sharing.

        Every year researchers publish papers in various                                    journals of national and international repute. The list of                         publications is  available in the link:

          Research Publication, North Lakhimpur College (Autonomous) (

        Our institution also publishes two research-based e-journals

· Environmentalism

· Social Science Researcher, an inter disciplinary e-journal of social sciences (

Research funding

· The sources of research funding for the institution, include UGC, DST, DBT, State & Central Govt. Agencies, and NGO’s

          · Our institution also provides SEED money for the promotion               of  research under the “FIRST” scheme in which faculties can               avail grants up to Rupees 50000.00 for collaborative research               works.
Research Enrichment activities

· NL college actively organizes seminars, workshops, conferences& popular talks to provide exposure to researchers and students. It also provides opportunities to network, share research findings, and gain new insights.

         The list of publications is available in the link:

            Seminars_Workshops_Organised.pdf (
Ongoing and Completed Research projects

· Many Faculty members do minor and major research projects funded by various agencies. A link of the project records is being attached here: of Completed and Ongoing Research Projects (1).pdf