IQAC Core Values

The College has been able to come to terms with the core values of the NAAC. The success story may be briefly stated as follows:

1. Contribution by the educational institution towards national development:

Since its inception, the college has been able to produce generations after generations of people with clarity of vision and astute moral purposiveness. These educated people have been engaged in different fields of activity around the country fostering national unity and harmony to usher in a fertile atmosphere conducive to socio-economic growth. They are heads of different government services leading the ship of the country towards a safe destination out of the contemporary turbulent sea of socio-political setbacks the country has to witness from time to time. Some of them have ventured across the sea and have deservingly settled themselves in the international arena to get the light of talent and potential human resource that the country possesses shine beyond the borders. They have been frequently bringing back their experience of excellence they gained from those countries to invest it in their own country for the furtherance of its all round development. Because of their enormous contribution to national development, the institution is proud to have these exceptional minds germinated right in its own backyard.

2. Its quest for excellence:

Over the course of the last six decades, the college has been able to establish its reputation as the best institute of higher education in a region of at least ten lakh people inhabiting across the north-eastern part of the state of Assam. The college has been making it sure that it recruits the best minds available as its faculty. Out of the ten or so colleges across the region, North Lakhimpur College can take pride in the fact that it has the most experienced and qualified teachers at the moment. The college has been providing the right environment for the teachers to get them inspired to be absolutely dedicated and extremely sincere in their approach to the enlightenment of the students. Because of the reputation of the quality of its teaching staff, the best students of the region come to the college for guidance and illumination. With the rare combination of highly dedicated teachers and a bunch of quality students, the college has been right on track in its pursuit of excellence. Very appropriately, the college has been awarded with a respectable recognition of Centre for Potential Excellence by the University Grants Commission. The college is very positive about enhancing its contribution to the academic field to keep the flag of excellence flying high atop.

3. Promotion of use of technology:

Almost all the departments of the college have computers and computerrelated teaching equipments. The teachers use printed hand-outs, whenever necessary, to maximize the involvement of the students in the teaching-learning process. The classrooms have been equipped with high-power microphones to aid the teacher just in case they feel that they have to use them for proper teaching. The college has provided the departments with LCD projectors as well. These projectors are used both in the actual classroom for creating interest in the topic and in the seminar hall for power point presentation. There are weekly seminars in every department on Saturdays and these audio-visual aids have been proved extremely helpful. Moreover, the vocational studies sections of the college, like the Disaster Management or Tissue culture, have more sophisticated instruments to assist both the faculty and the students in pursuit of first hand practical knowledge of the area in focus.

4. Inculcation of value system in students:

The college realizes the importance of inculcating the positive values of the society in the minds of its students. Extreme care is taken to rid the students of narrow communal and religious fanaticism. They are inspired to foster true scientific curiosity and thinking to counter the demonic influence of parochial vistas and superstitions that the dark side of the society often tries to impinge upon them. The teachers of the college are highly motivated to get the students learn the necessity of respecting the elders and maintaining a balance in social behaviour between healthy plus radically liberal visions of life and the old but worthwhile traditional values. They are taught to get themselves purged off the anachronistic and dangerous social dogmas. Main objective of education in the college is to build rational, scientific, and curious minds. After all, it’s the scientific values and not the doctrinal and dogmatic ones that can reshape the troubled contour of our socio-cultural life across the country.

5. Healthy relationship between teachers and students:

The college believes that without a proper medium of interaction no communication is possible. The most important medium of interaction is in reality the ease and comfort that the students feel when they are in touch with the teachers. Unless the confidence level of the students is built up to the point of ease of conversation with the teachers, the entire process of teaching-learning will only be half-hearted. So, the teachers of the college often invite the students for tutorial classes where they can discuss not only academic issues but also personal problems that need immediate solution. The teachers of the college are historically known for friendship with the students. Compared to the boys, the girl students are observed to be more inclined to shy away from such communion, and utmost care is taken to get them out of their inhibitions. Especially, the lady teachers arrange informal meetings with them to share their views on certain topics. These tactics have been very successful over the years. Even after they leave the college most of the students remain emotionally and academically attached to the teachers of their choice. This healthy and meaningful bond with the teachers have been instrumental in the achievements that the students manage to accumulate in the later part of their lives.