canteen and parking

North Lakhimpur College provides convenient and safe parking facilities for both students and staff. The college recognizes the importance of providing adequate parking space to ensure the smooth functioning of the campus and the convenience of its members. The college has designated parking lots for students and staff, ensuring that each group has a dedicated space to park their vehicles.

The college also has a canteen that caters to the food and beverage needs of its students and staff. The canteen provides a range of affordable and hygienic food options, including snacks, meals, and beverages. The canteen is a popular spot-on campus and is a hub for students and staff to relax and unwind during their breaks.

The canteen and parking facilities at North Lakhimpur College are a reflection of the college's commitment to providing a safe, convenient, and comfortable campus environment for its members.



Hokhioti: College Canteen Inside view of college canteen