View of central museum Students having view inside the central museum


North Lakhimpur College has developed a central museum on its campus with funding from the College with Potential for Excellence (CPE) scheme. The museum showcases the vibrant and colorful cultural elements, heritage, bio-diversity, physical features, and other important aspects of the region.

In addition to the central museum, several departments at North Lakhimpur College maintain their own museums, including:

Department of Zoology: The Zoology department maintains a sericulture museum that showcases various aspects of sericulture, including the lifecycle of silk moths, silk-rearing techniques, and the different types of silk produced in the region.

Department of Anthropology: The Anthropology department museum at North Lakhimpur College showcases various ethnographic objects, such as traditional dresses, ornaments, utensils, handicrafts, and tools of the region.

Department of Geography: The Geography department museum at North Lakhimpur College showcases various maps, models, and specimens related to physical geography, cultural geography, and economic geography of the region.

These departmental museums serve as valuable resources for students and researchers, allowing them to learn more about the subjects and gain practical knowledge and experience. They also provide a glimpse into the rich cultural and natural heritage of the region, making them popular destinations for visitors to the college.

View inside Zoology museum View inside Anthropology museum