The college has two Girls' and two Boys' hostels. Seats are allotted at the time of admission on the basis of merit. The students seeking hostel accommodation have to fill up a separate hostel admission form, which shall have to be submitted to the Principal within the allotted time. The number of seats in the girls' hostel is 226 and the number of seats in the boys' hostel is 114.

The admission and staying in the hostel are governed by the North Lakhimpur College hostel rules mentioned below:

  1. The boarders must maintain decent, dignified disciplined hostel life inside and outside the hostel and obey the hostel rules.
  2. They must abide by the rules and regulations of the hostel as may be prescribed to them by the college authority, violation of which will lead to strict disciplinary action amounting to the expulsion of the guilty inmates from the hostel leading consequent expulsion from the college also.
  3. All the boarders must abide by the mess rules prescribed by the mess committee of the hostel.
  4. Boarders are not allowed to arrange any private messing within the hostel nor they are permitted to take meals outside the hostel.
  5. Damage caused to hostel property by any boarder is dealt with severe punishment leading even to expulsion from the hostel as well as from the college.
  6. Expulsion from the hostel will cause expulsion from the college also.


Name of Hostel Capacity Name of Warden Contact No
News Boys' Hostel 90 Dr. Binod Chetia 9678180980
Saurabh Kumar Chaiiha Boys' Hostel 63 Dr. Arabinda Rajkhowa 9435189174
Mamoni Roisom Goswami Girls' Hostel 127 Dr. Nandita Dutta 8253819725
Indira Miri Girls' Hostel 98 Dr. Archana Hazarika 8638558401


Mamoni Roisom Goswami Girls' Hostel

Saurabh Kumar Chaiiha Boys' Hostel

Indira Miri Girls' Hostel

News Boys' Hostel