Department of Geography

In this vast are of Lakhimpur the idea of Geographical study is not a very old one. Established in 1999, the department of Geography, North Lakhimpur College has just crossed its childhood in this pioneering and glamorous institute of higher education. It has also crafted a glorious chapter in the last nine years since the inception of major course (from the session 2004-2005) history, because it has been enlightened by the results of many first class holders, which included one Dibrugarh University Best Graduate (2007) and two first class first positions holders. As the Dibrugarh University introduced new semester from the session 2011-2012, the department also started it by increasing its seat capacity from 20 to 40. It is only because of the present demand of the subject and for the greater benefit of the students. So, from a humble beginning the department has now begun to flourish underneath the untiring efforts of the faculty members and a group of energetic students.

MISSION: Physical Geography deals the physical features of the earth surface. It is often said that there can be no Geography at all without Physical Geography. Its vast subject matter included aspects like cyclones, tsunami, earthquake and flood. And the flood is the common scenario in the Brahmaputra Valley of Assam. Flood is temporary inundation of large regions as the result of an increase in reservoir, or of rivers flooding their banks because of heavy rains, cyclones, storms surge along coast, tsunami, melting snow of dam bursts. It is an important component of hydrological cycle of a drainage basin. A combination of unfavourable meteorological and physical factors leads to a serious flood situation resulting a disaster. Floods have multipronged effects on human life. A more frightening fact is that floods are becoming more damaging as their frequency, intensity and magnitude increases with the human dominancy of nature. But is in the time to be nature friendly. Man has realized the importance of nature for their future. The concept of flood management has also change, instead of controlling the flood, the concept has changed to "living with flood". So, the goal of the department is to give these new eco-friendly ideas to the students of Geography to know more about this blue and beautiful earth.

Name Designation Qualification Date of Joining View Profile
Dr Swapnali Gogoi Assistant Professor MSc, Ph.D. 13-Aug-1999 View Profile
Hafez Ali Ahmad Assistant Professor 13-Aug-1999 View Profile
Bubu Boruah Assistant Professor 0000-00-00 View Profile
Sagir Hussain Assistant Professor 0000-00-00 View Profile

A. Departmental Library :

The Department of Geography started a library in the year 2003 to meet the immediate needs of the students and the teachers. Former V.C. of Gauhati University, Dr. Nirmal Kumar Chaudhury donated three valuable and informative books (i.e. 1. Geographica-The Complete Illustrated Atlas of the World, 2. The Luminous Arc-Digboi's Passage through 100 years, 3. Oman's Geological Heritage) to the library. Dr. Abhinab Prokash Mahanta (Professor, Department of Geography, J.B. College, Jorhat) also donated a set of Books (i.e Encyclopaedia of Geography, 5 Volumes) to the library. In 2010 the department opened a separate branch with the Disaster Management section. At present, 236 books are available in general section and 43 books are in the Disaster Management section of the library. Some important books are Ask Me Anything, Whitaker's World of Facts and periodicals like INDIA, A Reference Annual, Pratiyogita Kiran and the Journal of North East India Geographical Society, North Eastern Geographer etc. These books are issued to the students when required.

B. Students' Wall Magazine:

Giving the students a platform for their interest towards literacy, the department Geography has been publishing a wall magazine annually from the year 2003. The wall magazine named "GEOID" contains new and informative articles, poems and diagrams etc. under the subject of Geography.

Department of Geography, 
North Lakhimpur College (Autonomous), 
Khelmati-787031, North Lakhimpur
Dist.- Lakhimpur.

Courses Intake Capacity
Higher Secondery  
B.A/B.Sc Core 60
B.A/B.Sc Elective  
Two year P.G. Diploma course in Disaster Management, (under U.G.C.'s Innovative Programme.)
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