Department of History

Year of establishment of the Department: 1952 CE

Introduction of Major/Honours Course: 1966 CE

Name of the HoD : Atanu Gogoi


Aims and Objectives of the Department:

The Department of History works constantly to create a congenial atmosphere for academic and co- curricular activities and guides its students to acquire purity of knowledge which is so vital for them to get established in this competitive world and to grow as ideal human being. It is concerned with the challenges in general that the system of higher education is facing today and that of history as a subject in particular. It holds the view that historical developments need to be presented as simply as they took place for the sake of pure and true picture of history. As ardent disciples of the subject, the teachers and students of the Department of History sincerely expect that historical events be compiled and interpreted with a free mind without being influenced by any particular ideology. The Department of History of North Lakhimpur College stands on with that ideology of impartiality.

1. Name of the Department: History, year of establishment: 1966

2. Course offered: U.G

3. The Department involves in the Multidisciplinary Course offered by the college for the U.G students of both Arts and science.

4. Semester System has been running since 2013-14.

5. The faculty of the Department are not participating the courses offered by other Department.

Name Designation Qualification Date of Joining View Profile
Rupanjali Morang Associate Professor 16-Feb-1996 View Profile
Dr Chandra Mantche Associate Professor 15-Oct-1999 View Profile
Atanu Gogoi Associate Professor 10-Nov-1999 View Profile
Jutika Patir Assistant Professor 11-Aug-2015 View Profile
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Department of History, 
North Lakhimpur College (Autonomous), 
Khelmati-787031, North Lakhimpur
Dist.- Lakhimpur.

  1. Library : The Department maintains a small library exclusively for the teachers and the students who offer History as their Core subject. The library has some rare collections of books which are normally not available in the Central library of the college.
  2. There are internet facilities for the staff and students of the Department. Common internet access in the computer centre and in the central library of the college for students.
  1. There are two permanent class rooms for the core classes in the Department. Class rooms for elective classes are shared by other department of the college.
  2. The Department seldom avails the Digital Class Room of the college.
  3. Student’s laboratories:  Does not arise.
  4. Research laboratories:  Does not arise.