Health Care Center

College Health Care Center with Ambulance


North Lakhimpur College's health care center is a valuable resource that provides medical care and support to its students, faculty, and staff. The center is staffed by a nurse and an on-call doctor, and is equipped with basic medical facilities, including a bed and an ambulance.

The health care center at North Lakhimpur College is responsible for providing basic medical care and first aid to individuals who require it. The center also plays a critical role in promoting health and wellness on campus. It organizes health awareness campaigns, health check-up camps to ensure that members of the college community are aware of and equipped to handle common health issues.   The health care center at North Lakhimpur College is a reflection of the college's commitment towards ensuring a fit and healthy campus environment for its members.


Doctor on call:  Dr.Lalit Kr.Boruah (08472091767),

Nurse: Niku Saikia (9395484287)