National Service Scheme (NSS) is an important organization at North Lakhimpur College that provides opportunities for students to engage in benevolent services to the people of the Lakhimpur district. The NSS aims to inculcate the spirit of fellow feeling and service to the people for their socio-economic upliftment among students.The NSS at North Lakhimpur College is actively involved in a range of activities, including:

Flood Relief: During floods, the NSS collaborates with NGOs to provide relief to affected areas. Volunteers distribute food, clothing, and other essential items to those in need.

Awareness Programs: The NSS organizes various awareness programs on important social issues, including health, hygiene, literacy, and gender equality. These programs are aimed at educating and empowering local communities.


 Adopted Village Program: The NSS has adopted a village and works to improve the socio-economic conditions of the people living there. Volunteers engage in activities such as cleaning, building, and infrastructure development to create a better living environment.

Surveys: The NSS also conducts surveys on various socio-economic issues to collect data and assess the needs of the community. This information is then used to plan and implement programs to address the identified issues.

Through these activities, the NSS at North Lakhimpur College provides students with the opportunity to serve their community while developing important skills such as leadership, teamwork, and communication. The NSS also plays an important role in promoting social responsibility and a sense of civic duty among students.

Program Officer: Mr.Bipul Saikia

Contact: 9435388168