North Lakhimpur College (Autonomous) believes in the policy of decentralization and participation of all
stakeholders in the process of decision making and policy framing. Therefore, there exist many
committees/ cells/ boards/ councils for ensuring that the spirit of decentralization is sustained:
1) Governing Body
2) Internal Quality Assurance Cell
3) Academic Council
4) Boards of Studies of the various teaching departments
5) North Lakhimpur College Teachers’ Unit
6) North Lakhimpur College Students’ Union
7) Research Committee
8) Intellectual Property Rights Committee
9) Hostel Management Committee
10) North Lakhimpur College Publication Committee
11) Construction Committee
12) Purchase Committee
13) Finance Committee
14) Library Committee
15) Website Maintenance Committee
16) Placement and Career Counselling Cell
17) Health Committee
18) Disciplinary Action Committee
19)  Students' Grievance Redressal Cell
20) Committee dealing with sexual harassment against women
21) Women’s Cell
22) Admission Committee
23) Students’ Union Election Committee
24) Canteen Committee
25) Scheduled Tribes Committee
26) Scheduled Castes Committee
27) Other Backward Classes Cell
28) Minority Committee
29) Sports Infrastructure Maintenance Committee

30) Stress Management Committee

31) Committee for Mentoring of School

32)  Internal complaint committee

33) Anti Ragging Committee