The institution has well defined policy for promotion of research. In keeping with the policy of promoting research, the faculty is encouraged to pursue their PhD, write grant proposals, guide students in research either for a formal degree or through minor research projects. Attendance at seminars/conferences/workshops to present papers or even to learn new techniques/increase awareness in the field are all activities promoted by the college. The College also organises Seminars and Workshops on different stimulating themes. Overall, he research activities of the institution have been looked after by the Research Council of the college.



The Research Council shall consist of the following persons:

    • The Principal –Chairperson

    • One Senior teacher with proven research experience, to be nominated by the Principal – Co-ordinator.

    • Three Members with proven research record to be nominated by the Principal

    • Special Invitee, if any

II. Term

The term of the nominated members shall be two years.

III. Meeting

The Co-ordinator in consultation with the Principal of the college shall draw the schedule for meeting of the Research Council. The meeting may be scheduled as and when necessary, but at least once a year.


IV. Functions

  1. The Research Council shall look after, review and plan the research programmes in the College on the recommendations of the respective departments.

  2. The Council shall consider, scrutinize, approve and forward the Research Proposals submitted by the faculty members to the respective funding agencies.

  3. Shall scrutinize and approve the in house Research proposals as per the scheme.

  4. Shall oversee the publication and quality of the journals published from the institution.

  5. Shall look after, review and plan the consultancy programmes.