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Department of Assamese

The department of Assamese is one of the major department of North Lakhimpur College (Autonomous) which offers courses in both U.G. and P.G.The department introduced P.G.course in Assamese in 2014 with the prime objective to promote quality education.The Certificate course in Performing Art under the scheme of C.O.C.of U.G.C.was also intoduced in the department in the same year.The Department has designed its own syllabi for those courses. The department has been striving for literary & cultural preservation through seminar,workshop,popular talks and various activities ever since its inception.Moreover, the faculty provides an analytical platform for extensive research and critical acclamation on linguistic studies .

Ex Faculty of Department:

  1.   Mr. B. Boruah (Honarary)
  2.   Mr. Biswanarayan Shastri.(1953-1954)
  3.   Mr. Harendra Dev. Goswami (1958-90)
  4.   Mr. Satyanath Bora (1960-91)
  5.   Mr. Nityananda Borua (1963-94)
  6.   Mr. Gobinda Mohan Deka (1970-2004)
  7.   Ms. Swarnalata Dhekial Phukan (1973-94)
  8.   Ms. Safia Hanoun Begum (1965-69)
  9.   Dr. Anjan Kr. Ozah(.1992 -2005)
  10.   Ms. Manjira Sarmah (1995-01)

University Toppers from the Department:

  1. Mridul Sarmah, 1st class 1st, 1996
  2. Dipakjyoti Mahanta, 1st class 1st, 2006
  3. Brajen Sarmah, 1st class 1st, 2009
  4. Rinjumoni Hazarika, 1st class 1st, 2011
Courses Intake Capacity
Higher Secondery  
B.A. Core 60
B.A. Elective 350
M.A. 30
M.Phil 6
Certificate Course (Application of Assamese Language in Computer) 50
BA Core/Elective Paper Preview/Download
M.A. Preview/Download
M.Phil Preview/Download
Name Designation Qualification Date of Joining View Profile
Dr. Mowchumi Chetia Associate Professor M.A, PhD 1994-09-29 View Profile
Dhanaranjan Kalita Assistant Professor M.A 2002-02-24 View Profile
Dr. Arabinda Rajkhowa Assistant Professor M.A., Ph.D 2005-11-03 View Profile
Dr. Hemanta Sarmah Assistant Professor M.A. 2010-06-29 View Profile

A. Library : The Library established on 9th January, 2000 with the help of teachers, specially Dr. Anjan Kumar Ozah and students of the Assamese Department.The present title of books are 1500. 
B. Cultural Museum : The Cultural Museum meant for preserving the Cultural tradition of Assamese Society was established in 2004 with the combining effort of all teachers and students of the Assamese Department of North Lakhimpur College. 
C. Depatmental publication :

Periodical   1. Smritir Safura 2. Khoj 3. Bulletin
Books 1. Asomiya Kabya Parikroma.( A Reference Book, Edited By Arabinda Rajkhowa, Prescribed in BA Syllabus by Dibrugarh University)
2. Charikhan Asomiya Upaniyas–Bichar aru Bisleshan.( A Reference Book, Edited By
3. Asomiya Chutigalpar gati aru Prakriti.( A Reference Book, Edited By Arabinda

Department of Assamese, 
North Lakhimpur College (Autonomous), 
Khelmati-787031, North Lakhimpur
Dist.- Lakhimpur.

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