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Welfare Measure

Some effective welfare measures for teaching and non-teaching staff
1. The College has a welfare fund called “North Lakhimpur College Cooperative Thrift
Society”. The teaching and non-teaching Staffs are members of this welfare fund and
all are benefitted by this fund. All members contribute an amount monthly to this fund
and they also get loans in a very low rate of interest. The members of teaching and
non-teaching staff are able to get immediate loans during their emergency.
2. Teaching and non-teaching staff are provided with lump sum financial aid on credit
from the authority on request.
3. The College has provided residential quarter facilities to some of the teaching staffs
within the college campus on expenditure-sharing basis on non-movable assets.
Residential facility for some of the grade IV staff is provided by the authority within
college campus.
4. The North Lakhimpur College has recently introduced an aid fund named “College
Aid Fund”. This fund provides one-time financial help to the needy teaching and nonteaching
faculties as well as to the needy students of the college.