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Department of Statistics

Year of establishment of the department: 1999

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Name Designation Qualification Date of Joining View Profile
Dr.Diganta Kalita Assistant Professor Phd 2005-04-06 View Profile
Dr.Deba Kr. Baruah Assistant Professor (Head) M.Sc, M.Phil, PhD 2005-04-06 View Profile

Department of Statistics, 
North Lakhimpur College (Autonomous), 
Khelmati-787031, North Lakhimpur
Dist.- Lakhimpur.

SL Publication Description
1 Research Article Diganta Kalita, B.K. Singh, and Sanjib Choudhury (2016). “Exponential Ratio cum Exponential Dual to Ratio Estimator in Double Sampling”, Springer, 211-220, www. doi: 10.1007/978-3-319-16139-6, ISBN 978-3-319-16139-6
2 Research Article Diganta Kalita (2015) “An Efficient Class of Exponential Chain Ratio type Estimator for Finite Population Mean in Double Sampling”, Science Journal of Applied Mathematics and Statistics. Science P G, Science Publishing Group ISSN:2376-9491(P), 2376-951
3 Research Article Diganta Kalita and B. K. Singh, (2014). “An Efficient Class of Exponential Dual to Ratio-cum-Exponential Dual to Product Estimator in Double Sampling”, International Journal of Statistics and Analysis 4(2) ,169-179.,online- , ISSN 2248-9959
4 Research Article iv. Sanjib Choudhury, B, K. Singh and Diganta Kalita (2014). “Improvement in MSE Estimation in Estimating of Population Mean Using Auxiliary Information”, International Journal of Agricultural and Statistical Sciences, 10(2),325-332,2014, online-, ISSN: 0973-1903
5 Research Article v. B, K. Singh,Sanjib Choudhury and Diganta Kalita (2013). “A Class of Exponential Chain Ratio-Product Type Estimator with Two Auxiliary Variables under Double Sampling Scheme”, Electronic Journal of Applied Statistical Analysis, 6(2), 166-174.,DOI:10.1285/i20705948, online- e-ISSN:2070-5948
6 Research Article vi. Diganta Kalita , B. K. Singh and Sanjib Choudhury (2013). “Improved exponential chain ratio and Product type Estimators for finite Population mean in double sampling”, International Journal of Statistical Sciences, 13, 21-27.,Online: ISSN 1683-5603
7 Research Article vii. Diganta Kalita and B. K. Singh, (2013). “Exponential dual to Ratio and dual to product-type Estimators for Finite Population Mean in Double Sampling”,Elixir International Journal (Elixir Statistics),59, 15458-15470, online-, ISSN:2229-712X