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North Lakhimpur College is well equipped with facilities required for indoor and outdoor sports activities of the students. It has developed a separate sports complex comprising of the Indoor Stadium, Basket Ball Court, Gymnasium Hall and the Sports Ground in a part of the college. The college has a big playground in between college building and the hostels. The playground remains fit throughout the year for all kinds of outdoor sports. Utilizing the facility the Cricket and the Football teams are consistently doing well in inter college meets of Dibrugarh University. Students regularly utilize the playground for athletic events and their performances are well reflected in different competitions. This ground is also used for some inter districts sports. The construction of a synthetic track is going on there with the sponsorship of the central Ministry of Youth Welfare and Sports. The college maintains a very well equipped gymnasium hall and students are taking full advantage of this facility and in recent times they have been begging many prizes in weight lifting and bodybuilding meets. Excellent infrastructure is available for Table tennis and Badminton in the indoor stadium. Interested students can avail the facility of playing carom, table tennis etc. in their respective common rooms as wells. Training programmes for sports and culture are organized periodically.

Apart from this we have the following things to be mentioined in this category:

Rangghar - the auditorium

Rang-Ghar', the well-equipped auditorium of North Lakhimpur College(Autonomous) with sophisticated sound system and electric generator facility has a capacity of 600 seats with gallery options available. Various culutural proggrammes and other activities take place throughout the year.

Indoor Stadium

The College offers indoor sports facilities like Badminton, Table Tennis, etc. to its stakeholders through its Indoor Stadium with supporting facilities which was developed with the UGC fund.

Synthetic Track

Laying down a synthetic athletic track of international standard, sponsored by the Ministry of Youth Welfare and Sports, Govt. of India, at North Lakhimpur College is well in progress which is expected to boost and facilitate sports activities in the college and the surrounding region. The college is honoured ot have the second Blue coloured track in whole of India.