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Department of Mathematics

Year of establishment of the department: 1966

Courses Intake Capacity
Higher Secondery  
B.A/B.Sc Core  
B.A/B.Sc Elective  
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Name Designation Qualification Date of Joining View Profile
Dr.Prabin Phukan Associate Professor (Head) M.Sc, PhD 1992-04-01 View Profile
Dibyajyoti Gogoi Assistant Professor M.Sc, MPhil. 2007-05-15 View Profile
Sahidul Ahmed Assistant Professor M.Sc 2008-07-28 View Profile
Dibyajyoti Hazarika Assistant Professor M.Sc, MPhil 2012-10-19 View Profile
Purabi Bora Assistant Professor M.Phil 2015-07-07 View Profile

Department of Mathematics, 
North Lakhimpur College (Autonomous), 
Khelmati-787031, North Lakhimpur
Dist.- Lakhimpur.

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