Department of English

Year of establishment of the department: 1952

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Name Designation Qualification Date of Joining View Profile
Dr.Kamala Kanta Bori Associate Professor (Head) M.A, PhD 12-Sep-1997 View Profile
Dr. Binda Sah Assistant Professor MA, PGCTE, Ph.D. 26-Sep-2005 View Profile
Rupam Gogoi Assistant Professor M.Phil 07-Nov-2005 View Profile

Department of English, 
North Lakhimpur College (Autonomous), 
Khelmati-787031, North Lakhimpur
Dist.- Lakhimpur.

SL Publication Description
1 Research Article International = 3 Nos.; National = 2 Nos. in journals like 'Janakristi', (Assam, India); 2011-12, ISSN- 0974-6188; 'Humanities Circle', (Kerala Central University, Kerala, India). 2013, ISSN- 2321-8010; 'The International Journal of Humanities and Social Studies', (Chattishgarh, India). 2015, ISSN- 2221-0989; ‘ACCESS’ (A Multi-Disciplinary Research Journal), AAGERA Publications, Assam, 2015, ISSN- 2394-1596; 'The International Journal of Humanities and Social Studies', (Chattishgarh, India).
2 Research Article International = 3 Nos. (1) Novel Approaches to Karbi Oral Literature; Lambert Academic Publications, Germany (2016), ISBN: 978-3-659-96763-4; (2) Discourse on Mising and Karbi Folklore Genres; Lambert Academic Publications, Germany (2016), ISBN: 978-3-659-97581-3; (3) A Critical Handbook for Karbi Paremiology; Lambert Academic Publications, Germany (2016), ISBN: 978-3-659-97727-5.
3 Others Reference Books other than Refreed Journals: 3 Nos. 1) ‘Human Rights and Creative Writings in English from India’s Northeast: An Analysis.’ P-144-153. Edited by Dr. Gulrez R. Rahman; 'Indian Writings in English: Critical Perspectives'; published by Swarup Books Publishing, (New Delhi, India); 2012; ISBN- 978-81-7625-796-1; 2) ‘Folk Narratives of the Karbis: An Eco-critical Reading (With Special Reference to Some Myths and Folktales’. P- 01-15; 'Discourse on Folklore', Vol-I, Ed. U.C.Hazo
4 Others Orientation and Refresher Courses: 1 No. Orientation course and 3 Nos. Refresher Courses participated at the universities like DDU University, Gorakhpur, U.P. in 1999; Gauhati University, Assam, 2005; NEHU, Shillong, Meghalaya, 2007, and NBU, North Bengal (Siliguri), West Bengal, 2012 respectively.