Department of Political Science

The Department was established in 1958. The Department of Political Science of North Lakhipmur College (Autonomous) has its own glorified History and Tradition started with Mr. Mohan Ch. Roy as Head of the Department. After that the Department was provided service by Mr. Sarat Kr. Chelleng, Kamal Ch. Hazarika, Dr. Jugada Phukan, Mr. Ratul Goswami and Dr. Sabiha Ahmed.

Courses Intake Capacity
Higher Secondery  
B.A Core  
B.A Elective  
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Elective Paper Preview/Download
27 Dr. Chuchengfa Gogoi 8486393875 M.A., Ph.D View
39 Phulkan Chetia View
40 Bhaskar Jyoti Pegu View

Department of Political Science, 
North Lakhimpur College (Autonomous), 
Khelmati-787031, North Lakhimpur
Dist.- Lakhimpur.

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