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The Department was established in 1958. The Department of Political Science of North Lakhipmur College (Autonomous) has its own glorified History and Tradition started with Mr. Mohan Ch. Roy as Head of the Department. After that the Department was provided service by Mr. Sarat Kr. Chelleng, Kamal Ch. Hazarika, Dr. Jugada Phukan, Mr. Ratul Goswami and Dr. Sabiha Ahmed.


  • Higher Secondary
  • B.A. Core and Elective
  • M.A.
  • Faculty

    NameDesignationQualificationPhone No.
    Mr. Diganta Hatibaruah Assistant Professor (Head) M.A., M. Phil
    Dr. Chuchengfa Gogoi Assistant Professor (Coordinator P.G.Class) M.A., Ph.D
    Mr. Mintu Neog Non-Sanction M.A., M.Phil


    i. The Department has been publishing a Wall Magazine named Janadhani thrice a year since 1992, an annual Departmental Bulletin and periodicals Manikanchan and Politica in hand written manuscript regularly.

    ii. Learning Resources of the Department: Library, Computer and other resources: The Department has a mini library with the capacity of 250 different reference books and journals. The easy access mini library is open to all the students and faculty member of the department. Apart from that the department has one Computer, one Power Point Projector.

    iii. Modern Teaching Methods and use of ICT in teaching learning: The Department of the Political Science has adopted different types of modern techniques to teach the students. Apart from the Group discussion, Seminar, teaching through verbal and non-verbal method the Department has also adopted participatory method which is most vital and meaningful in teaching environment.



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    Department of Political Science,
    North Lakhimpur College (Autonomous),
    Khelmati-787031, North Lakhimpur
    Dist.- Lakhimpur.
    North Lakhimpur College
    Khelmati, Lakhimpur-787031