Mission and Vision


The establishment of North Lakhimpur College was the outcome of the efforts and untiring zeal of a core group of far sighted persons in particular and the people of the north bank of the mighty Brahmaputra in general with the following goals and objectives in mind:

  • To impart higher education to the students of this backward region, so that economic backwardness or lack of communication could not retard the academic development of the region.
  • For socio cultural development of various ethnic groups of the region.
  • To create scientific temperament.
  • To provide employment avenue.
  • To promote gender equality.
  • Vision

    The primary aspiration of North Lakhimpur College is to always look forward with a vision and elements of innovation. The College is committed to raise standards of higher education in this part of North Eastern India and for us, offering high quality teaching is more than just a priority-it is our raison d'etre. To be precise, we hope to devise a new equation for education in the near future: theory plus practical knowledge plus capacity to think.

    North Lakhimpur College
    Khelmati, Lakhimpur-787031