Bachelor of Science

Subjects offered in Bachelor of Science :

  • English (Sc.) is compulsory for all and a paper of the subject with 4 credit marks is offered in semester- I examination.
  • In the admission form the students will have to write any two Core(Major) subjects of his/her interest
  • (along with corresponding elective subjects) out of which major in one may be allowed.
  • No student will be allowed to opt for Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology and Anthropology in degree courses, if he/she fails in the respective subjects in H.S. examination. More particularly one can not opt for Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science if he/she fails in Mathematics in H.S. Examination.
  • Students who have passed Mathematics in H.S. can only apply for Core in Statistics.
  • Combination of Subjects in Core Programme
    Core subjectAvailable seatsElective subject groups against the Core (Major)
    Physics40 Mathematics, Chemistry Mathematics, Electronics
    Mathematics, Statistics Mathematics, Computer Science
    Chemistry50 Mathematics, Physics
    Botany45 Chemistry, Zoology, Physical Education* Chemistry, Home Science, Physical Education*
    Zoology45 Chemistry, Botany, Physical Education* Chemistry, Home Science, Physical Education*
    Mathematics50 Physics, Chemistry, Physical Education* Physics, Statistics, Physical Education*
    Economics, Statistics, Physical Education* Physics, Electronics, Physical Education*
    Statistics, Geography, Physical Education* Economics, Computer Science, Physical Education*
    Statistics, Computer Science, Physical Education* Physics, Computer Science, Physical Education*
    Electronics, Computer Science, Physical Education*
    Statistics20 Mathematics, Physics Mathematics, Electronics
    Mathematics, Computer Science Economics, Mathematics
    Geography05 Zoology, Botany Mathematics, Statistics
    Mathematics, Economics Zoology, Home Science
    Botany, Home Science
    Economics05 Mathematics, Statistics Mathematics, Computer Science
    Electronics30 Mathematics, Statistics Mathematics, Computer Science
    Mathematics, Physics
    Home Science05 Zoology, Botany
    Combination of Subjects without Core

  • Chemistry, Botany, Zoology
  • Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics
  • Physics, Mathematics, Electronics
  • Physics, Mathematics, Statistics
  • Chemistry, Zoology, Anthropology
  • Chemistry, Zoology, Geography
  • Zoology, Botany, Anthropology
  • Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science
  • Mathematics, Statistics, Economics
  • Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science
  • Mathematics, Electronics, Computer Science
  • Economics, Statistics, Computer Science
  • Zoology, Botany, Home Science
  • Zoology, Chemistry, Home Science
  • Botany, Chemistry, Home Science
  • Geography, Chemistry, Botany
  • Total No. of Seats : 300

    (2% seats reserved for Extra Curricular Activities Quota. The college reserves the right to grant or deny admission to any student in this category.)

  • There will be six semester examinations at the end of every six months. Semister wise credit distribution for the Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) programme is as below :
  • Core(Major) Programme
    SemesterCoreElectiveComplusorySkill basedTotal
    I55 × 2=104-19
    II55 × 2=10-419
    III85 × 2=10-220
    IV105 × 2=102-22
    Total Credit704066122
    Non-Major Programme
    SemesterElectiveComplusorySkill basedTotal
    I5 × 3=154-19
    II5 × 3=15-419
    III5 × 3=153220
    IV5 × 3=152522
    V7 × 3=21--21
    VI7 × 3=21--21
    Total Credit102911122
  • There shall be a compulsory course on Environmental Studies of 2 credit in Semester V.
  • There shall be 25% marks for internal assessment and 75% marks for endsemester examination in each course during every semester.
  • A science student having major will have to appear for a total of 122 credits in six semesters distributed over three years. For a students having general course, there will be a total of 122 credits in six semesters distributed over three years. The syllabus for each course should be divided into modules or units and questions shall be set from each unit and students shall be required to answer questions from each unit.

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